Below we have listed some of our favorite things and those we recommend for your new family member.

Kennels and Gates are a good way to keep your family member within the areas of your home where they are safe.  The foldable metal pens can be zip-tied to the kennel to make a nice play yard.

It is important to begin dental hygiene routines with your puppy and continue it throughout their lives.

Below are some of the favorite toys recommended by our pack:

Our pups love being brushed at the end of the day.  It is very calming for them and the groomer will love you! I liken it to a nice back scratch.

Below are both the Puppy and Adult foods that we recommend.  Please do not feed grain-free foods to your animals.


And of course, don't forget food and water bowls.  Below are a couple of options available.



We love the leash and book below for training your new family member.

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