Breeding Prospect Labradoodle Puppies

We are happy to offer the following two breeding prospect puppies for sale to qualified breeders.

DOB:  8/24/2021

DAM:  Blue Star's Holiday Cheer aka Holly   SIRE: Hills West Melt Your Heart aka Stryker

Pat Hastings Litter Evaluation Comments:

"Entire litter have perfect mouths, no herring guts, good front ends, laid back shoulders, great angles, good lengths.  No inverted vulvas, all testicles descended, all great temperaments."

PPG Essential Panel:  Clear

Pat Hasting's score for Hudson:  17.5 - 18.5

Hudson's forecasted adult weight is 30 pounds.  He is a nice stocky boy with great shoulders.  He is very happy, calm, quiet and eager to please.

Pat Hasting's score for Hayley: 17.0 - 17.5

Hayley's forecasted adult weight is 25 pounds. Like the entire litter, Hayley is very happy, adventurous, quiet and eager to please.

Lake City Hudson
Lake City Hudson


Lake City Hudson Coeur d Alene ID
Hudson with Pat Hastings


Lake City Haley for Sale in Coeur d Alene, ID
Lake City Haley

Haley with Pat Hastings